Laws Killfeed Commands

Add Money (for Bounties / LootBoxes)

Type !amoney + Gamertag to give players money for Bounties and the Casino Mini Game.

Reset Player Stats (hard)

Type !admin + resetAllPlayer + (IGN)- Resets all the players data, back to 0.

Ban Players

Type !admin + ban + gamertag to ban players directly from Discord

Restart Server

Type !admin restart + server- and the selected server will restart.

Check CPU%

Type !admin + usage + ServerName to show CPU and RAM usage of selected server.

Search Gamertags and Discord ID of Members

Type !admin Search < gamertag | @discord >- and the selected server will restart.

Check Players on the Server

Type ‘!admin playerlist < dlbidenity >’ to to view a list of all Players currently playing on your server.

Toggle Players Locations on/off

Don’t want to show “get location” on certain features? Type ‘!admin locations < dlbidenity > to view all customizable options.

Check Status

Type ‘!admin status‘ to View the current Players on your Server

Track Spawn Killing

Type ‘!spawnkills + gamertag' to View if player has killed Fresh Spawns.
(Note: Set Auto Ban Limit from 1-10 kills. Also Set Ban Duration 2-999 Days)

Leaderboard Stats Reset (soft)

Type '!admin + softReset' to reset all player stats except bestKillStreak and bestDeathStreak

Transfer Players Data

Type '!admin + transferDailyData' to restore all player stats and info after wipe.

Leaderboards Stats Reset (hard)

Type '!admin + hardReset' to reset everything.

Upload Personal Logo for KillFeed

Type ‘!admin logo < image url >' and you will be able to Change the KillFeeds Logo to your own!

List All Servers

Type ’!admin List' to view all the Servers that are connected to the KillFeed bot.

Whitelisting Players

Type '!Whitelist + gamertag' to add players to Whitelist.

Reset Player Stats (soft)

Type ’!admin + resetPlayer + (IGN)' to Reset the players data to 0 (except high scores like BestStreaks and LongestDistanceShot)